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Welcome – IT is no longer a cost center

Dear Colleague,

IT has changed. No longer considered a cost center, IT is now a strategic revenue contributor. And that’s why I created The Strategic CIO Journal: to provide insights from leading CIOs on the challenges and opportunities to leverage information and technology. Today’s global marketplace requires new thinking to unlock IT’s growing value. Whether if your goals are to improve margins, expand market share, or enhance shareholder wealth, The Strategic CIO Journal will:

  • Share how CIOs are leveraging their IT departments in new and unexpected ways
  • Help you identify and understand emerging trends while there is time to act
  • Discover how CIOs are expanding their role in defining and executing strategy

Whether you aspire to advance to CIO or are already part of the C-suite, you need to keep on top of relevant information and technology topics. The Strategic CIO Journal is the must-read publication that will become an invaluable resource to you and your organization.

Regards –

Phil Weinzimer
Executive Editor
Author of The Strategic CIO

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