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CIO Challenges in 2022 and Ways to Handle Them

Every new year gives you a chance to reflect and focus on what matters the most to you and your team to excel. The disruption caused over the past two years has forced companies to rewrite their business playbook. While this transition has enabled new business opportunities it has also surfaced many CIO challenges. Organizations must scale their abilities to meet customer expectations and experience. This article at ZDNet by Mark Samuels elaborates on the top ten challenges for CIOs in 2022.

Here Are Ten CIO Challenges

Additional Responsibilities

Since COVID impeded business transactions, CIOs formulated solutions to help employees collaborate, communicate, and connect securely from anywhere. While this has scaled the value, power, and authority that CIOs now carry, it has also added a list of new responsibilities.

Enhancing Customer Experience

CIOs are now focusing on enhancing the user experience for both internal and external consumers. Providing a seamless experience with the help of solutions from tech giants and other partners will be the top priority of CIOs.

Aligning IT with Business

IT and business are interconnected. COVID has fast-forwarded the world into adopting digital transformation. It is now time for CIOs to show how this transition has benefited businesses by identifying new value streams that companies can capitalize on.

Securing Automation

With advancements in automation and the adoption of low code and no-code technology, a lot of work will be automated. However, automation at this scale requires air-gapped security. Ensure your employees are trained with security measures to manage and mitigate any risks proactively.

Transforming The IT Team 

The tech team will transform and sync with the business team to understand business requirements. Hiring and retaining tech talent will remain a challenge for CIOs. Providing flexible work and innovative career opportunities will be essential to retain talent.

Strengthening Security

With increased digitization, companies must deal with numerous data silos. More data and digitization means CIOs need to effectively implement data security and governance. The C-suite leaders should appoint cyber chiefs to strengthen the company’s security posture.

The author also describes how exploring Quantum technology and metaverse is essential and how these could revolutionize the business in the future. Paying close attention to the latest cloud computing trends and participating in environmental sustainability initiatives will also be a part of the CIOs’ list of responsibilities.

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