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Reimagining the Future Workplaces? Read These Great Insights

In today’s changing workplaces, leaders are ready to reimagine what the future may look like. They are reimagining the core processes and culture of the modern enterprise by designing hybrid workspaces optimized for collaboration and productivity. Digitization has taken a new significance with the pandemic upheavals in the past two years. Organizations are more likely to use digital technologies to respond to crises and as a tool in the future. This article by Dan Roberts at CIO speaks about seven questions CIOs must ask for designing future workplaces.

The Future Workplaces

Futurist Bob Johansen is a distinguished fellow with the Silicon Valley Think Tank Institute for the Future (IFTF). He has authored or co-authored 12 books. In Johansen’s view, the upending of the traditional office has created opportunities for futuristic workplaces. It is also opening new possibilities for human connection in meaningful ways. In two podcast episodes, Johansen and author Dan Roberts discuss office shock and the future of work, and how CIOs can make better decisions by looking ahead. Johansen also emphasizes the importance of innovating and adapting swiftly to maximize advantage in the competitive market.

Insights Shared by Johansen

Future Thinking

Getting clarity requires thinking backward. It is easier to see where things are headed. And it enables you to be both clear about direction and flexible about how to achieve it.

Return to Office

Blue Zones project research suggests people who are purpose-driven live longer and are happier and healthier. It is essential to understand your purpose for returning to an office setup, especially in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times.

CIO Responsibilities

  • As your business grows, you must consider social value, or community value, in addition to shareholder value.
  • Over the next decade, it will become more critical for offices to be regenerative, particularly concerning climate impact. So, CIOs must work aggressively toward achieving these initiatives.
  • Additionally, it is crucial to determine what humans can and cannot do best.
  • Be more diverse and inclusive. It is evident, looking forward, that we will have a radically diverse working environment ten years from now.

Furthermore, in the article, the author further discusses leadership skills, early innovation, work of IFTF, and future workplaces.

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