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DGTPs Enhance Federal Digital Transformation Programs

Digital government technology platforms (DGTPs) have all the elements that can facilitate digital transformation programs in federal services. With the evolving needs of their citizens, government agencies must be more proactive. They must have a digitally first approach while implementing any system. These systems must also come with flexible offerings since government offices are public-facing enterprises. Interestingly, a Gartner study indicates that by 2023, 80 percent of non-technical government digital installations will not meet their objectives. In this article at Gartner, Robert Snow shares how DGTPs can help government CIOs up their DX game.

DGTPs and Digital Transformation Programs

What Does a DGTP Do for Digital Transformation Programs?

The platform enables governments to serve their citizens across domains by integrating platforms for customer experience, ecosystem, IoT, and information and intelligence capabilities. These platforms’ services often overlap. However, you get to enhance customer communications, save costs, and have a flexible but scalable service model.

What Are These Platforms?

  • Citizen experience – The platform enables interfaces for customers. These help federal agencies to engage users and businesses alike. This also helps measure the experience of each citizen—good or bad.
  • Ecosystem – It provides a platform where the agencies can execute their processes and procedures. The partners can also share data as well as services for digital transformation programs.
  • Information system – This platform has the processes, technologies, and policies necessary for a federal agent. The data can be integrated into digital government technology platforms.
  • Internet of Things – Not only does this IoT platform implement processes but it also facilitates data governance. Furthermore, if federal agencies need a context for digital transformation programs, they get it from this platform.
  • Intelligence – Being the core of a DGTP platform, it comes with a myriad of features. For instance, advanced analytics, geospatial and location analytics, robotic process automation (RPA), and artificial intelligence (AI).

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