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Here’s How Top CIOs Engage Customers in Healthcare

You must be wondering what roles CIOs have in the healthcare sector. It ranges from data governance and interdepartmental operations to optimizing processes for increased revenue and EHRs. But their key focus point is to engage customers with their healthcare business. Consumers nowadays want online healthcare services and offerings. Though the healthcare industry was well-aware of these demands, the pandemic fast-tracked the digital evolution. So, CIOs have their jobs cut out for them in the healthcare business. In this article at the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), discover what healthcare CIOs are strategizing to engage customers.

How Healthcare CIOs Engage Customers

Not Just for Medical Emergencies

Most hospitals have their online portal equipped with patient health records, appointments, etc. But healthcare CIOs have taken it further to engage customers. They have facilitated the integration of wellness app plugins and symptom checkers. These add-ons entice users to stay connected to healthcare facilities for services other than medical issues.

Intelligent Engagement

A healthcare CRM collects data that hospitals and medical care facilities utilize to track a patient’s health journey. This increases digital consumerism and engages customers by elevating patient loyalty to the healthcare brand.

Data for Business Growth Curve

Healthcare CIOs can do a lot using the data collected from their various health systems. Predictive data analysis enables them to project which patients need services in the coming months. They can also detect the geographical areas and target the prescribed demographic of patients with medical service offerings.

Multi-Platform Connected Engagement

You might have many systems at your disposal to cater to patients. What if you integrate these systems and create an interconnected health ecosystem for your patients? The apps can then have updated data with the same level of governance and security. Healthcare CIOs ensure that they build this secure environment for the patients.

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