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Skills Shortage: How to Tackle the Modern Business Crisis

The skills shortage is a rising concern for most businesses worldwide. Many professionals do not feel comfortable and understood by their business leaders. Countless organizations do not conduct regular training and workshops to familiarize their staff with the latest technology. As a result, It hampers the company’s growth and capability to respond to market trends. IT professionals often struggle to conduct cross-functional research and data observation. So, it has become essential for companies to bridge the gap of skills shortage and hire operational talent in good numbers. In one of his articles, Mark Bowen shares his insights on how you can combat the skills shortage effectively.

Experts’ Suggestions to Combat the Skills Shortage

Make them Comfortable

Yenny Wong, head of talent acquisition at New Relic APJ, shares a list of things you should focus on to retain talent:

  1. Allow your workforce to work whenever and wherever they want. It will improve their work quality and productivity.
  2. Cultivate a culture of inclusivity.
  3. Introduce a growth mindset and make organizational deliverables an interesting process.
  4. Use effective tools to reduce errors and optimize productivity.

Provide Regular Feedback

Many companies do not give appropriate feedback to applicants they do not wish to select. Companies should also appoint a career onboarding specialist to facilitate recruits. It would help new hires understand company policies better and familiarize them with business strategies. It is also crucial for companies to involve new employees in technical and decision-making processes for better business awareness.

Use Modern Tools to Minimize the Skills Shortage

Several organizations believe modern machinery has replaced humans, which is not entirely true. The advent of machines and technical elements has allowed humans to focus on the decision-making aspects of enterprises. It is beneficial to familiarize your workforce with the latest tech stack and sourcing tools. It will help you retain talent and attract promising recruits.

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