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What Can You Do to Amplify Cloud Data Security?

Firms of all sizes and sorts, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, are entering the digital transformation era. The epidemic has highlighted the necessity for businesses to change and hasten the use of modern technology. Companies can use more advanced technology to increase cloud data security, operational effectiveness, business capacities, and customer experiences. Companies can profit from an organized, timely approach to digital transformation and possibly strengthen their competitive advantage. This article at ComputerWeekly by Mark Samuels shares insights from Sheri Rhodes, Workday CIO.

Workday and Deloitte Survey Insights

Like many tech leaders, Workday CIO Sheri Rhodes believes the IT business alignment can boost business growth, productivity, product development, customer service, etc. According to a recent poll conducted by Workday and the consulting firm Deloitte, 49% of IT chiefs feel that IT is a strategic enabler for business growth. Among more than 600 executives surveyed for the study, only 8% of progressive CIOs are IT leaders. Three important differences separate these forward-thinking CIOs from their counterparts:

  • Incorporating data into decisions.
  • Working closely with finance to accelerate transformation.
  • Embracing an agile and cloud-based approach to change.

Sheri Rhodes’s Views on Cloud Data Security

According to Rodes, “For any CIO, it’s all about thinking like a general manager and thinking about IT as a business.” She says, “So, think more holistically in terms of how the business operates and the value that can be achieved – and that doesn’t have to be about tech specifically. If you think more like a general manager, I believe that will be the biggest motivator to grow someone’s career.”

The author elaborates on Sheri Rhodes’s outlook on taking up the opportunity with Workday as a CIO.

At Workday, Sheri is responsible for analyzing and identifying technologies that best fit their business growth. She focuses on scaling the technologies’ capabilities in procurement, planning, HR processes, etc. Rhodes strives to strategize data for more actionable insights for better-informed decisions. Furthermore, her team provides feedback to the company’s product and design team. Rhodes works to ensure that the acquired firm’s technology and employee transitions into the Workday go as smoothly as feasible.

The author also elaborates on Rhodes’s view on leveraging data, managing change, leading new initiatives, and developing employee skills.

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