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Rethink Behavioral Health: Why It Is Important for You

In the constantly changing business environment, it has become crucial for business professionals to rethink behavioral health. Digital transformation and innovative business methodologies have rejuvenated organizational policies and frameworks. It directly impacts employees’ mental and physical wellness and the people associated with them. WellPower, a Denver-based community, has come forward to encourage discussions related to mental health in the workplace. In a conversation with interviewer Bill Siwicki, WellPower’s CEO Wes Williams talks about the benefits of mental well-being. They also share why it is crucial to rethink behavioral health and prioritize it in organizations.

Why It Is Crucial to Rethink Behavioral Health

How Natural Processing Tools Can Help

According to Siwicki, more than 80% of professionals struggle with unstructured narrative data. Natural language processing (NLP) tools can help firms focus on the data’s context and functionality to optimize the workforce’s mental health. According to Williams, “NLP can save significant time, especially around transitions of care with a new provider. We can more easily retrieve the rich narrative context in clinical notes on a specific topic.”

Why Companies Are Avoiding NLP

Williams asserts that the post-pandemic work situation led to staff shortages. Though NLP reduces the cost and time required to amass clinical data, it also requires skilled staff to operate it. It is essential for companies to introduce an efficient onboarding process that will ease the NLP process.

How NLP Can Help Firms Rethink Behavioral Health

In a general sense, NLP helps firms optimize their business by prioritizing the mental health of the workforce. Furthermore, early adopters of NLP and other tech tools will allow enterprises to pioneer the mental health awareness program. Besides, incorporating modern tech in bolstering mental well-being has proven to be cost and time-efficient.

How NLP Tackles Social Determinants

Williams mentions that NLP and other tech tools can help companies assess and evaluate the mental health of the staff. It plays a crucial role in monitoring the workforce and ensuring they are following the necessary protocols.

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