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How Digital Maturity Models Empower Your Company Growth

In the ongoing macroeconomic scenario, enterprises seek opportunities to improve their business growth with effective tech infrastructure. Digital innovation is one of the top priorities for companies in 2023. Most organizations are planning to introduce automation and digital operations to reduce the time and cost of projects. According to experts, companies that are performing well on the tech front are investing in digital maturity models. It eases digital disruption and provides innovative methods to support consumers globally. In one of their articles, IDG Connect gets in conversation with Celigo CIO Asad Siddiqui, talking about the importance of digital maturity models and their future.

5 Tips to Introduce and Improve Digital Maturity Models

Encourage Integrations

Integrating automation processes allows your team to focus on tasks that require decision-making and management responsibilities. It helps your company earn end-user trust and maintain visibility within and outside the organization.

Expand Your Job Profile

The job profile of a CIO should expand at a steady rate. With the ongoing tech changes and digital transformation, there is much to learn and introduce for business welfare. SaaS sprawl, for example, is a new tool that allows firms to find the “right balance between velocity and governance.”

Observe User Behavior

Getting regular feedback from your end-users helps you enhance your products and services. Various UX and pre- and post-sales engagements can give you a comprehensive idea of your customers’ responses.

Define the Goals of Digital Maturity Models

Siddiqui mentions that the foundation of a company’s digital maturity model should be based on automation, consumer engagement, and efficiency. He also emphasizes operational performance and regular insights from end-users and stakeholders for adequate growth.

Connect Culture and Digital Maturity Models

A digital maturity setup derives most of its success from a highly effective working culture within a company. When your team is motivated to learn new software and tech systems, it automatically boosts the digital ecosystem of your firm.

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