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MLSE Is Redefining the Sports Experience with Mixed Reality

In order to expand sports technology, and improve team performance and the fan experience, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Per MLSE’s announcement last month, it has chosen AWS as its official cloud partner. AWS will be MLSE’s supplier for cloud services for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Tom Li describes how MLSE is using mixed reality to boost team performance and the fan experience in this article at IT World Canada.

Leveraging Mixed Reality for Sports

MLSE and AWS are ‘innovating together’ to produce ‘amazing sports moments’ and improve engagement. Namely for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Football Club (FC), and Toronto Argonauts supporters. With AWS, MLSE will create solutions using the mixed reality that will support every facet of sporting events.

MLSE will use Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Rekognition to process and analyze video from cameras at team practice facilities and game sites in real-time to aid game decisions. Coaches, for instance, can examine game data fused with mixed reality to aid in their planning.

Along with playing games, fans can follow their favorite players and access game analytics. By integrating visual data from cameras located throughout the arena with sensors found in players’ jerseys and the puck or ball, MLSE will create a mixed reality experience that can be enjoyed both at home and in the stadium.

Redefining the Sports Experience

The purpose of MLSE’s platforms is to foster a sense of community. Fans can share and chat with other fans through the app’s immersive, second-screen experience.

Christian Magsisi, vice president of technology at MLSE said, “With AWS and MLSE Digital Labs, we’re excited to bring first-to-market mixed reality experiences.”

Per Chief technology and digital officer, Humza Teherany, MLSE is committed to creating solutions and products that fuel this growth and enrich the fan experience with a cloud-first approach.

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