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How Government Tech Firms Are Making the Most from Layoffs

Employee layoffs are never a pleasant experience, and in the tech industry, it is happening at an alarmingly rapid rate. Layoffs are occasionally required for a business to stay afloat during hard times. The pandemic and remote work led companies to go on a massive hiring drive. Now that the effects of COVID-19 have significantly withdrawn, a staggering number of employees are being fired. However, government tech companies are making good use of employees being laid off by corporations to bolster their organizations. This article at Statescoop by Lindsay Mckenzie explains how government tech companies are making the most of the situation.

Government Tech – Turning Misfortune Into Opportunity

A crisis has been sparked by the CEOs of numerous technological businesses that have announced significant workforce reductions in the US. On the other hand, government tech officials in Silicon Valley and other places are wooing freshly laid-off tech professionals. However, if local government IT leaders want to succeed, technology recruitment experts advise them to better communicate how new hires can have an impact. Linda Gerull, the chief information officer for the city of San Francisco, is one of those attempting to take advantage of the recent round of layoffs at Amazon, Meta, and Twitter.
Eliza Pollack, the director of Philadelphia Innovation, said the recruitment and retention of tech experts have long been a challenge for local governments. According to a spokesperson from the San Francisco Department of Technology, the city is constantly striving to hire diverse, skilled workers to choose a career in public service. The current vacancy rate in IT is around 21%.

The Government Tech Company Strategy

Peter Loo, CIO for Los Angeles County, and his colleagues are attempting to better demonstrate the impact of government work to attract a larger pool of employable candidates. He also mentioned benefits like government pensions and employment security as perks of taking up government tech jobs. Loo says, his team has expanded its outreach to educational institutions and boosted the number of paid internships. He claims the plan is beginning to show results in terms of recruiting success and applicant diversity.

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