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How Cardinal Health Is Strategizing to Leverage Technology

Advanced technology is enabling healthcare providers to deliver more personalized and precise care to patients than ever before. With tools like genomic sequencing, AI-driven diagnostics, and robotics, healthcare providers can identify and treat diseases more accurately and efficiently. The integration of these technologies is ushering in a new era of healthcare. Early detection and prevention are becoming more prevalent, and patient outcomes are improving. Peter High at Forbes elaborates on how health industries can leverage technology drawing examples from Cardinal Health’s use case.

Greene’s Strategy to Leverage Technology Platforms

Cardinal Health is a top global company with approximately $180 billion in yearly revenue. It operates through two primary business segments: pharmaceutical distribution and medical products. Michelle Greene, VP, CIO, and Head of Global Business Services of Cardinal Health, leads teams aligned in two segments. This includes a digital office and a group called Fuse that creates commercial technology.

Greene focuses on finding synergies between technology platforms, both internally and externally. Her team serves as a glue to connect the segments, each of which could be considered a Fortune 500 business based on its revenue. Green’s team leverages technology to expand an enterprise mindset across all leaders. They centralize data and analytics, anything digital, automation, and AI space. This provides opportunities for greater collaboration and centralization of traditionally siloed businesses.

Furthermore, Greene and her team focus on commercial technology to identify opportunities for efficiencies and new revenue streams. A specialty solution called ‘Decision Path’ provides real-time visibility into patient expenses and enables accurate cost tracking. The ‘Outcomes Connected platform’ is a digital ecosystem connecting pharmacists, payers, and pharmaceutical companies to maximize clinical opportunities and mitigate non-adherence. To recruit top talent and innovate, Greene finds creative ways to leverage technology and offer flexibility for remote workers. She also drives continuous engagement with existing talent through “stay interviews” and makes adjustments to keep team members with Cardinal Health.

Leverage Technology to Unleash Possibilities

Greene focuses on commercial technology to drive efficiencies and revenue opportunities. Her team developed solutions like Decision Path and Outcomes Connected to reduce costs and maximize clinical opportunities. To recruit and retain talent, Greene offers training through Digital U and prioritizes engagement with HR partners. As a female executive of color, she emphasizes the importance of diversity of thought in addition to a diverse workforce. To continue her growth mindset, she personally invests in coaching. Overall, Greene serves as a remarkable model for others to follow.

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