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How a Remote Working Model Can Benefit Your Firm

The pandemic disrupted business frameworks and policies in an unimaginable way and compelled firms to prioritize IT-business alignment. The online retailer Very Group is one such company that looked at digital disruption as a thriving opportunity to upscale its business. Matt Grest, CIO of Very Group, mentions that the pandemic has made them rethink their digital strategies, such as remote working, and how they can optimize them to benefit the company. In her article for, Clare McDonald gets in conversation with Grest and shares ways to upscale a company’s remote working culture.

Remote Working Can Save You Big Bucks

Most companies introduced remote working as a mode of survival. But the majority of them were not equipped to facilitate cloud infrastructure and other necessary means crucial for a work-from-home setup. However, several companies now prefer their employees to work from home because it proves to be a cost-effective alternative. Besides, it also allows the workforce to maintain a work-life balance that most of them were concerned about earlier.

How to Enhance Your Remote Work Culture

Here are some ways to improve your remote working setup:

  1. Introduce suitable tools and resources to cover the lack of physical presence. Many service management tools available in the market can help you manage team performance, improve communication, and track business growth.
  2. Create a culture of online inclusivity. It will widen your talent horizon since more people can work with the firm from remote corners of the world.
  3. Facilitate remote onboarding. Buddy up your new recruits and provide them with all the necessary help they need to gel well with the company’s work environment. Conducting regular stand-up meetings can help your team familiarize themselves with the business updates.
  4. Accommodate tech skills by conducting regular training sessions.
  5. Give the IT sector the importance it has earned over the last few years. It is no more a distinct department but an integral part of every business process.
  6. Introduce augmented reality. It will help your workforce to make more informed decisions.

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