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Phil Weinzimer is an author and the president of Strategere Consulting, working with clients to develop business and IT strategies that focus on achieving business outcomes.

Digital Banking Services: Tips to Empower Innovation

The banking industry has experienced the need to facilitate digital changes to upscale their productivity. For instance, the incorporation of…

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How Digital Maturity Models Empower Your Company Growth

In the ongoing macroeconomic scenario, enterprises seek opportunities to improve their business growth with effective tech infrastructure. Digital innovation is…

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Advanced Security Is Linked With Your Sense of Belonging

Klara Jelinkova has taken up the role of vice president and university chief information officer at Harvard since September 2021.…

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Why Innovative Banking Is the Only Option for Modern CIOs

The job profile of a CIO is expansive and diverse. It is more than upscaling the digital structure of your…

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Manutan Use Case of a Cyber Attack and Retail Security

There are many opportunities and problems for merchants in the digital space to concentrate on. As the online retail industry…

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Citizen Development: Improve Your Team’s Learning Ability

Companies have become more responsive toward digital transformation and the ability to adapt to modern technologies. Chris Bedi, ServiceNow’s CIO,…

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Retail Cloud – Reinventing for Sustainability in the Digital Era

The pandemic accelerated modern retail growth. The advent of online, curbside, and home delivery channels was a pivot point for…

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Disney’s Virtual Theme Park Gears Up for the Metaverse

The Metaverse has become a global center of attraction for businesses. Companies are planning to introduce their businesses to the…

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Governance Process: Is it Critical for Building IT Value?

Organizations must modernize IT functions to compete in the digital era by shifting from traditional IT models to agile ones.…

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Foster a Digital Transformation Mindset to be Progressive

Businesses are undergoing growth and change all the time. But transformational leadership can inspire workers to embrace change by nurturing…

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