Strategic CIO

Phil Weinzimer is an author and the president of Strategere Consulting, working with clients to develop business and IT strategies that focus on achieving business outcomes.

Can Strategic CIOs Create a Renaissance Revolution?

If you are one of those naysayers who think the title of this blog is not relevant to how CIOs…

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A CIO’s Take on Top Disruptive Technology Trends

I’m sure you, and other CIOs, are in constant dialogue with C-suite colleagues figuring out how to leverage information and…

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How This CIO Drives Innovation Through Collaboration

As a CIO, I’m sure you’ve been reading a lot about collaboration and how, as a strategy, it helps CIOs…

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This U.S. State Is Providing Digital Services for Its Citizens. Know How

If you have an Amazon Alexa, you can now find out how to renew your driver’s license with a simple…

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Top CIOs Become Business Process Czars

CIOs who expand their role beyond the traditional purview of IT can significantly boost the bottom line by improving business…

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Florida Government Agencies Collaborate to Enhance Citizen Services

Many private sector IT organizations today still face budget challenges with the added pressure to create unique customer experiences as…

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How to Succeed at Project Governance

Why can’t IT organizations figure out how to avoid the high project-failure rate experienced by so many companies? You would…

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How CIOs Can Help Board Members Understand the Business Value of Digital Innovation

You wake up in a panic after dreaming your CEO called and said, “You need to be at tomorrow’s 9:00…

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CIO Perspective on People, Process and Technology, Formula for Business Success

When Harold Leavitt coined the phrase people, process, and technology in his 1964 paper, Applied Organization Changes in Industry, he…

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Illinois’s CIO Is Leading a Statewide Digital Transformation

States are changing the way they govern, today viewing citizens as customers and providing services based on sound business practices.…

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