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Phil Weinzimer is an author and the president of Strategere Consulting, working with clients to develop business and IT strategies that focus on achieving business outcomes.

P&G’s Filippo Passerini Stands Out as a Stellar Example of a Strategic CIO

I didn’t know what to expect when Procter & Gamble CIO Filippo Passerini agreed to be interviewed for my book, The…

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How One CIO Leverages Technology to Transform Education

The digital revolution is upon us. Consumers are demanding improved services, and technology enables this. With just a few clicks…

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Collaboration Turned Vision of a Cyber Center into Reality

A recent McKinsey article states that cyberattacks are costly, and they appear to be broadening in scope. Every corporate boardroom…

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How CIOs Can Help Board Members Understand the Business Value of Digital Innovation

You wake up in a panic after dreaming your CEO called and said, “You need to be at tomorrow’s 9:00…

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What Makes Digital Transformation a Strategic Imperative for Organizations

Digital transformation thought leader, Isaac Sacolick, talks about digital transformation and why it needs to be a strategic imperative. I’ve…

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Cloud Is Now a Core Strategy–Are You on Board?

What are clouds? That’s a question a child might ask, but for CIOs today, the answer centers on a completely…

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Is Your IT Organization Developing the Business Skills Needed to Succeed?

Whether you know it or not, 2015 has been the year for CIOs to be in the spotlight. Here’s why.…

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How to Succeed at Project Governance

Why can’t IT organizations figure out how to avoid the high project-failure rate experienced by so many companies? You would…

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Strategic IT Governance 2.0 – A business imperative for competitive success

As we begin 2019, you’re probably among the many CIOs around the globe reviewing strategic objectives and thinking about how…

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CIO Leadership: Sharing Insights from Experience

Companies recognize that leadership training can pay huge dividends. A McKinsey research study found that “over 90 percent of CEOs…

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