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CIOs: Focusing on These Practices Will Help You Grow

CIOs already have a long list of tech initiatives, product developments, and IT projects planned for 2022. But it is also essential that they focus on their personal development, a list that is different from over-arching objectives and goals. Ava McCartney at Gartner speaks about resolutions apt for the CIO’s role. CIOs can use this article to develop leadership, talent management, and business practices to improve and upgrade themselves professionally and personally.

Three Areas That CIOs Should Focus On

There are ten resolutions grouped into three themes: better leadership, better talent management, and improved business practices. Select two to four of these resolutions this year and devote a significant amount of time to each of them. Start small, often repeat, and build on your strength.

Better Leadership

Focus on Priorities

  • Be mindful of your body language.
  • Adapt to cultural cues and context.
  • Be an effective listener and avoid being judgmental.

Seize Opportunity

  • Learn new expertise to make better-informed decisions.
  • Think like an innovator, not IT a supplier.
  • Analyze the situation from different perspectives before concluding to any action.
  • Capitalize on business opportunities.
  • Build resilient skills to develop and manage them proficiently.

Practice Self-Control

  • Undertake uncomfortable challenges regularly.
  • Keep your emotions in check before making any decision.
  • Practice just behavior.
  • Indulge in practices that will strengthen your knowledge and skills.

Use Apps or Tools to Optimize

  • Keep track of time.
  • Use meditation app to keep calm.
  • Install apps that auto-correct communication.
  • Read social media to remain updated.

Better Talent Management

Provide Best Offerings

  • Become the leader you wish you had. Observe and practice traits of leaders that people admire.
  • Practice emotional intelligence while responding to prospects or employees.
  • Offer flexibility in respect to time, workplace, and time off.
  • Craft initiatives to reward and recognize talent and exemplary efforts.

Foster a Conducive Work Environment

  • Drive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative.
  • Conduct surveys to get insights from new employees.
  • Schedule a monthly question-and-answer session.
  • Use feedback and inputs to chalk out a plan.

Leverage Approaches Used by Great Leaders

Do necessary research on five to six great leaders you admire to gain a deep understanding of their thinking styles and assess your choices from different points of view.

Additionally, the author provides some tips on resolutions that CIOs must make to establish better business results.

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