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Should CIOs Focus More on Technology Management?

Earlier in businesses, CIOs were not considered important enough to be included in the majority of decision-making processes. However, in recent years, the roles of CIOs have increased manifold. They are considered an integral part of the team when it comes to incorporating modern technological advancements. In addition, they also play a significant role in supervising the technological processes of the firm. Experts believe that it is now crucial for CIOs to include technology management in their portfolios for better functioning and implementation of their duties. In his article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels talks about the significance of technology management and what CIOs should learn about it.

Why Technology Management Is Crucial

The responsibility of a modern CIO is more than identifying technological solutions to their company’s problems. For an enterprise to become successful, it is essential to generate profit from the business driven by technology. To improve the process of technology management, Samuels suggests that CIOs should focus less on operational delivery. According to Gartner’s latest prediction, the global IT business will be $4.5 trillion in 2022. There is a good possibility of an economic boost in the IT sector. Investors would be looking forward to investing in companies that show effective intent in the field of technology management.  

Are CIOs Prepared ?

According to the CIO Agility Index report by Colt Technology Services, CIOs gave themselves an average agility index rating of 61 out of 100. It stated that CIOs believe they are relatively better than their contemporaries regarding their performance. More than half of the CIOs believed that they quickly adapt to changes. Experts believe that this can be perceived as good news that chief information officers find themselves prepared for the implementation of technology management. However, some researchers believe this can be a case of the ‘ambition gap.’ 

Companies are planning to introduce new cloud technology to make their businesses more flexible and agile. Try to familiarize yourself with the latest technological developments and come up with innovative methodologies to manage them efficiently.

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