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Why CIOs Must Be Good at Business Problem-Solving

CIOs and technology go hand in hand. As a CIO, you should be aware of the latest technological advancements. You should be skillful enough to implement technology to your firm’s advantage. However, profound knowledge on the technological front is not enough in today’s market. A CIO is primarily a leader, responsible for the company’s overall productivity. In order to attain that, CIOs should be good at listening and business problem-solving to be at par with the industry. If you are good at resolving organizational problems with ease, it will consequently increase your and your team’s productivity. In her article for Forbes, Deb Gildersleeve shares why CIOs should be good at listening and business problem-solving.

Tips for Business Problem-Solving

Take Responsibility

Gildersleeve states that every employee appreciates working in an environment that values their presence. It improves their productivity and inspires them to work harder. As a CIO, you can make your staff feel valued by listening to their opinions. Doing so will nurture their leadership qualities in the long run. You should take responsibility for your decisions and keep your employees in the loop so they feel involved in the process.

Business Problem-Solving as a Culture

Listening to your team helps you look at a problem from a different perspective. CIOs usually have detailed knowledge of their field. But there are a plethora of things that they need to learn about. When you involve staff members in the decision-making process, it elevates their confidence and familiarizes you with their business problem-solving abilities. As a CIO, you should be able to foresee a situation before anyone.

Technology is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of growing your organization. However, you cannot ignore interpersonal components that strengthen your professional relationships. Focus on becoming empathetic and motivating your employees to also be empathetic, better listeners, quick thinkers, and business problem-solvers.

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