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Tips to Balance Data Privacy and Customer Experience

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Media consumption is increasing at a great pace, and the pandemic is one of the main reasons for it. COVID-19 has forced people to stay indoors, which has automatically increased online engagement. However, the increasing online media consumption has raised security concerns. Most businesses struggle to find a balance between customer experience and digital privacy. In his article for the CISO Mag, Mihir Bagwe shares how you can improve your company’s data privacy and user experience.

Understanding Data Privacy and Its Components

Tracing the Rise of Media Consumption

Many content-creating websites and short video applications have made it easier for companies to convey their ideas to their consumer base. The rise of over-the-top (OTT) video platforms has increased media consumption to a gigantic scale. In addition, the pandemic has also helped online businesses to socialize, communicate, and manage projects better. However, Bagwe mentions that the success of any digital medium depends on the quality of the content and user experience (UX).

The Role of UX and Quality Content

According to a Google survey, 53% of the users abandon a webpage if it fails to load within 3 seconds. There are several other aspects that you should keep in mind when focusing on the customer experience, such as bounce rate, session duration, etc.

Why Data Privacy Is a Concern

Various users often use the same credentials on different websites and applications. Companies do not generally prefer third-party interference because it can considerably increase the chances of data mismanagement. Once these credentials are leaked, they are sold on the dark web, depending on their significance.

Focus Points of Customer Experience

Sid Deshpande, Security Technology and Strategy Director at Akamai Technologies, recommends that media consumers should focus on three crucial measures:

  1. Transparent security controls
  2. Personal data security
  3. Prevention of credential abuse

How to Improve Data Privacy and User Experience

Here are some tips to improve your data privacy and user experience:

  1. Manage data security infrastructure
  2. Understand the attacker
  3. Analyze the business value of data privacy

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