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Hospitality Innovation: How Modern Technology Can Help

Technology has become a crucial component for every business in the modern world. The hospitality industry has become considerably more aware of its responsibilities toward better hospitality innovation. Since the pandemic, the sector has struggled to deal with many constraints regarding finances and human resources. Santosh Vaswani interviews Vipin Chawla, Group CTO at Eat’n’Go Ltd, for CIO News. In the interview, they discuss how to effectively tackle technical adversity and business hardships in the hospitality sector. Chawla also shares how you can introduce hospitality innovation measures to enhance your business models.

Hospitality Innovation Challenges

Chawla mentions that the hospitality sector is changing drastically after the pandemic. It has become necessary for hospitality establishments to observe socio-cultural and economic changes. It will help them align their business needs with the market trends. It will also give them a better idea of what technologies to use.

Cybersecurity and digital transformation are endless technology fields that continue to expand in the future. It is the responsibility of a CTO to be aware of all modern changes and incorporate them skilfully. If you keep a close eye on your cyber safety, it will automatically improve your hospitality innovation methods.

Industry Trends That Encourage Innovation

Chawla further mentions that it is essential for CTOs to put business first when thinking of hospitality innovation. Learn about your organizational requirements and build your tech stack accordingly. Once you have a clear picture of your end goals, start working backward and think of the resources you need to achieve them.

Many CTOs prioritize technology depending on the market trends and struggle to align their business goals with them. It is crucial to adapt to changes, but at the same time, you should be aware of your choices. It will help you make better business decisions and improve the quality of your end product or services.

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