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How Warner Music Group Is Leveraging the Digital Music Pool

The new normal is characterized by change, disruption, transition, and transformation. The music and entertainment industries are no exception to this. Like any other industry, music is now digital and stored online, providing access to a vast digital music pool. Ideally, all communications between applications and servers in cloud-native architectures should take place without exporting data from the public cloud to on-premises storage. An extremely high cost is applicable for exporting data from the public cloud. Centralized IT management tools are best deployed in the cloud. This article at ComputerWeekly by Cliff Saran shares insights from an interview with Warner Music Group CIO Ralph Munsen.

Digitalization of Music

Warner Music Group CIO Ralph Munsen oversees 79 countries and two major divisions – Warner Chappell Music, a global music publishing company, and Warner Music International, a recording label.

The global IT department of Warner Music Group is headquartered in New York. They have two major satellite locations in London and Los Angeles, providing all the IT services for both business areas. Munsen believes IT enables new business models and enhances their operational effectiveness.

Leveraging the Digital Music Pool

Warner Music Group has been looking at how to run virtual concerts. For example, an interactive virtual concert experience powered by Roblox Technology was launched by Grammy Award-winning band Twenty One Pilots in September.

Munsen says, “My team’s focus is about making our supply chains as efficient and nimble as possible to support our new business models.” He further adds, “The key is agility. It’s how we contribute to the bottom line, monetize the new business, and grow revenue.”

The central IT function supports financial operations, royalties recognition, distribution, the discovery of local artists, and marketing. Furthermore, Munsen says Warner Music Group has shifted from making CDs and vinyl records to distributing digital music.

He observes that with a digital master recording, it makes sense for Warner Music Group to have everything virtual. Additionally, they are uniquely aligned with cloud-based computing.

The author also speaks about the importance and benefits of centrally organizing data.

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