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Disney’s Virtual Theme Park Gears Up for the Metaverse

The Metaverse has become a global center of attraction for businesses. Companies are planning to introduce their businesses to the virtual ecosystem to enhance their visibility. Moreover, it is interesting to observe that theme parks have become quite active in shaping their metaverse strategy. Disney has recently appointed Mike White to shape the framework of its virtual theme park. He will serve as the VP of next-generation storytelling and experience at Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution (DMED).

Last November, in a conversation with investors, Disney CEO Bob Chapek shared his vision for the Disney metaverse. He mentioned that the company is planning to make the storytelling process more immersive and three-dimensional. In his article for Digiday, Alexander Lee shares how Disney’s virtual theme park will revolutionize the industry.

What Is Disney’s Virtual Theme Park Strategy?

Lee states that the metaverse offers the challenge of transitioning organizational brands into the digital space. One of the key reasons for companies to do so is to develop an immersive storytelling experience for their brand. Disney has been doing so since 1955 when it opened its first theme park.

Eddie Benson, a senior strategist at Active Theory, mentions that Disney can use NFT tickets to allow entry into the physical theme park. He further adds, “So thinking about the metaverse beyond just these 3D worlds is an important point that I’m sure they’ll be doing.” 

Challenges Disney Might Face

Welcoming change in the well-established frameworks of Disney might be a challenge for the company’s experienced executives. Furthermore, fan communities have become an unavoidable part of Disney’s family. It is crucial to involve user thought processes and theories to enhance the company’s intellectual properties. Most importantly, it is essential for Disney to shape its metaverse appearance skillfully because it will be immediately compared to its physical theme parks.

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