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Citizen Development: Improve Your Team’s Learning Ability

Companies have become more responsive toward digital transformation and the ability to adapt to modern technologies. Chris Bedi, ServiceNow’s CIO, mentions that tech adoption and citizen development have become integral components of modern business operations. The IT scenario is changing rapidly, and it compels organizations to come up with ways to upskill their workforce. Strengthening IT infrastructure, cybersecurity models, and enhancing communication tools are some of the major priorities for modern IT firms. In his article for the CIO, Peter Sayer gets into conversation with Bedi, discussing ways to empower citizen development.

The Evolution of the Modern IT Framework

Bedi shares that the functionality of analytics has changed drastically. In the past, companies paid more attention to incorporating the end-user experience. Now, analytics focuses mainly on providing possible recommendations. The process of recommendation is heavily backed by AI and ML infrastructure. It makes the analytics operations more precise. The definition of cybersecurity has changed to a great extent. Cybersecurity has expanded its scope from only companies’ IT safety and has begun to include protection of the revenue-generating cloud ecosystem.

How Citizen Development Helps

Firms have a habit of expecting immediate results regarding business productivity and tech adoption. When they fail to see the expected results in the stipulated time, they pull the plug. Bedi states that it is crucial to embrace the process and believe in it. ServiceNow embraced the process that resulted in the transformation of more than 400 employees becoming citizen developers.

One of the key tips to empower citizen development is to keep your governance framework light and effective. Start with the easy tasks and let the staff gradually work their way up to the more complex ones. For instance, you can ask citizen developers to work on an employee directory for apps that requires approval. Furthermore, Bedi advises that you provide a conducive environment for citizen developers. Do not limit them but allow them a few mistakes on their way to learning.

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