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Advanced Security Is Linked With Your Sense of Belonging

Klara Jelinkova has taken up the role of vice president and university chief information officer at Harvard since September 2021. In this article with Harvard Gazette correspondent Gray Milkowski, Jelinkova agrees that educational institutions need advanced security. This will help combat the rising number of hacks and breaches. However, she points out that it is essential to make people feel at ease and involved with technology to address that. Jelinkova strengthens her view by talking about women in the technology space, the post-pandemic shift to virtual learning, and advanced security. Let’s dive in.

Advanced Security and Ownership

The University Culture and the Post-Pandemic Tech Shift

Since joining Harvard as a CIO, she has observed that the university makes sure everyone feels involved. Its inclusive culture enables people to focus on higher learning and intellectual brainstorming. During the pandemic, Harvard went through enormous technological upgrades. It improved the teaching and learning experience and virtual work efficiency.

“I’m Here.”

Annie Stunden is one of the first female CIOs Jelinkova worked for at UW Madison. Jelinkova narrates how Stunden was the only woman in the ‘60s that attended the IBM summit along with 50 other men. Jelinkova observes, “we are standing on the shoulders of people like her that came before us, the women that went into this field back when it was really dominated by men.” This holds true because you see more women taking up important roles in technology currently.

Drawing from Experience

Jelinkova draws examples from Stunden and her experience as a Czech coming to work in a foreign land to connect people’s sense of belonging to advanced security. When she started her career, the internet was in its infancy. Now, the internet has reached a wider audience. More people get to benefit from the internet and stay connected across the world. But where can you draw a line to accessibility and still distribute knowledge amidst cybercrimes?

The Solution to Advanced Security

Cybercrimes cannot be fought alone. To allow people to access proprietary assets virtually, you must encourage them to strengthen your advanced security framework. Training and providing the tools for advanced security will make people feel engaged and aware of personal security. “In a digital environment like ours, it’s important that when people see something that they think is not quite right, that they say something,” explains Jelinkova.

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