How Should CIOs Handle Customer-Centric Innovation?

Today, many business leaders are looking forward to implementing digital business initiatives to boost their earnings, mitigate vulnerabilities, and deliver cutting-edge customer experiences. This focus on digital innovation has raised the profile of chief information officers (CIOs). CIOs play a vital role in accelerating business-led innovation across the organization and meeting changing customer demands. This means CIOs’ every decision must be based on customer expectations. So, how can IT leaders capitalize on customer-centric innovation? In this article at, Dan Roberts interviews Owens Corning, CIO Steve Zerby, and VP Annie Baymiller to discuss how CIOs should foster a customer-centered approach to innovation.

Customer-Centric Innovation: Changing the Mindset Within IT

Set a Customer-Centric Innovation Strategy

Collaboration between CIOs and other business leaders is the key to successful business strategy development powered by technology. IT leaders and CEOs must have a deep understanding of their goals and priorities and the value they can drive. This helps every team to work towards a common goal — customer-centric innovation. Aligning priorities with business goals allows CIOs to make informed investment decisions.

Boost Your Talent Management Strategy

My advice for other CIOs is: Don’t think about your talent as a way to go satisfy some demand; think about your talent in the way that you develop them so that they are in demand and develop them so they can play where you want them to play,” says Zerby. Furthermore, IT leaders must allow their team members to grow by letting them employ and manage customer-centric approaches within their roles. In today’s business scenario, where tech talent is difficult to retain and attract, CIOs should look for qualities, not just competencies.

Step Up to the Challenges

Remember, no two customers are alike. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing them. To achieve a customer-centric approach, digital leaders must create unique capabilities for customers and identify potential opportunities. This will undoubtedly help IT teams shape the customer-centric approach and processes.

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